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System Requirements

Processor : Pentium Class

Operating System : Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT4 (SP6)

Memory : Minimum 256 MB (512 MB recommended)

Hard Disk : 10 MB of free disk space

Internet Explorer : Version 5.0 or above

File Extension Info!

What is (.avb) Avid Bin File extension?

How to open and inaccessible AVB file extension?

Have you encountered any issue related to the AVB file format?

AVB files are pointer files which are used by Avid Xpress application to organize certain files of its project which is not the actual content or media. It is because the Avid Xpress is the program that creates videos from the clips and this AVB file rather storing the video created it stores the reference of those clips which have been selected for the videos along with its details. This file format is known as the pointer or marker file because it allows the computer to locate the AVB files when it is needed for the Avid Xpress even if the clips are located at multiple locations of your hard drive. Along with the reference to the media clips AVB files also contains sub-clips, sequences, effects, titles, EQ templates and many other files.

In order to open AVB file you need software called Avid Xpress which is developed by Paradox that efficiently opens this file. But at times this AVB files refuses to open when any attempt was made to do so. It generally happens when the AvidXpress.exe becomes damage or the AVB file extension gets corrupted some how. But some other unexpected reasons can also obstruct the AVB file from opening.


In most of the unexpected cases the AVB file fails to open because either the file associating program has been changed or the program itself is not installed in the computer. In the later case installing the AVB file’s corresponding program can easily resolve the issue but if the file associated program is changed then the registry might be the culprit which need to be repaired. It is because at times either due to clustering of unwanted and useless files at registry the operating systems work is hindered and user’s file opening request is denied and also virus, spyware or malware attacks cause the change in the file extension or its associated program which causes file opening issue.

In order to resolve this problem the registry need to be cleaned and repaired which will surely resolve the issue. But in case it fails to resolve the AVB file not opening issue then third party File Cure software need to be used. This software will scan the entire computer and repair all file associated errors and opens any file of any format or extension instantly without hampering any data. You just need to put the AVB file into the File Cure’s Window and file will open instantly.


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