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Font Files

A font file is also known as font description file, in this it contains first section in which the sequence of lines that contains sequence of blank delimited words. In this the first word in the line has key and the subsequent words provides the value of the key. Font file format is generally raster or vector font.

But in some situation the Font file becomes unable to be accessed all because of corruption. Corruption may occur because of virus attack, human error, error in software, hardware malfunctioning and many more. But this does not mean that this is a permanent problem, Corruption can be efficiently resolved.


Some important file extensions that are used in Font Files are discussed below:

.fnt – It is also known as “Windows Font File”, It is generic font file that is used by MS Windows it contains raster or vector font. It is used in system Fonts folder. Most of the FNT files have been replaced by .ttf and .otf fonts. It is supported by Windows operating system.

.fon – It is also known as “Generic Font File”, it is used in windows 3.x font library file, is one of the older font format that cannot be resized to any size such as in .ttf. There are situation in which it may look different on screen as compared to paper. It supports Windows operating system.

.otf – It is also known as “Open Type Font”, this font format is developed by Adobe and Microsoft. It is the combination of PostScript and TrueType font formats. It is fully scalable this means that font can be resized without losing the quality. It supports Windows operating system and Mac OS.

.ttf – Also popular as “True Type Font”, it is created by Apple but is compatible to both Macintosh and Windows operating system. It has scalable feature that can be resized without losing the quality.


File extension of Font Files are as follows:


File Extension Name



Adobe Binary Screen Font File



Adobe Composite Font Metrics File



Adobe Font Metrics File



Adobe Multiple Font Metrics File



Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format



Character Layout File



Borland Character Set



Mac OS X Data Fork Font



Embedded OpenType Font



Mac Font Suitcase



Symbian OS Font File



Adobe Type 1 Mac Font File



Watchtower Library Font File



Printer Font ASCII File



Printer Font Binary File



Printer Font Metrics File



Portable Font Resource File



Macintosh Font Suitcase



TrueType Font Collection



Vision Numeric Font



Ventura Printer Font



ChiWriter Printer Font



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