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File Extension Info!

File extension is also known as filename extension, it is used as suffix at the end of a filename. With the help of file extension it becomes easy to understand what kind of file it is. For example the user can understand that file “computer.jpg” is a JPEG file format that is based upon the “.jpg” file extension, “document.doc” is a Microsoft word document and “readme.txt” is a text document. Filename extension was originally used to easily determine the file's generic type.

Generally most of the file extension consists of three characters, however it may be more like (.gadget, .tiff) or it may be fewer (.ps, .h). Whenever user double click a file then the computer uses its file extension and with it enable the user to know about the file that are opened. It is not necessary that the file extension will remain same always but it may be changed if needed. But at this situation user will have to be very conscious while performing this job. It may happen that your computer may become unable to open the file whose file extension has been changed. Such as, if you change a file with .txt to .doc then MS Word will open it. But if you change .txt file to .jpg then it won’t open the file.


Some important files that contain file extension are discussed below:

  • Text File – It is a kind of computer file that are structured in sequence of lines. It exists within a computer file system; it is referred as type of container. It is denoted by one or more special characters, known as end of file marker.

  • Data Files – It is a computer file that stores data for the use by a computer application or system. Generally this file does not contain any executed code or instruction, it simply specifies the information that are used as input, output by other software programmer and is especially helpful in debugging a program.

  • Image File – It is composed of either vector or pixel data, it constitutes an image that are ordered as grid and every pixel consists of numbers that represents magnitudes of brightness and color.

  • Audio File – it is used to store audio data on computer, it can be a raw bit stream but it can also be in container format or audio data format that defines storage layer.

  • Video file – It has been originally designed for internet streaming application basically ost updated one.

  • Web Files – It contain scripts that are used for programming. Web files are used at the time of uploading new sites on internet. By using different file extensions that are related with sites uploading by using different application.

  • Font Files – It is used to collect fonts from Internet.

  • Plugin Files – It is a small piece of code or computer program that are used by main application that provides special or new additional functions in it.

  • System Files – A system file is that in which attribute is turned on. It is not displayed in normal files or in folder views.

  • Settings Files - Settings are specified through an xml file, usually called ivysettings.xml.

  • Executable Files – It helps the computer to perform indicated task that are according to encoded instructions that are opposed to a file that has data only.

  • Compressed Files – These files are much smaller than the original size of all the files. It is helpful to be downloaded faster.

  • Encoded Files – It contains those texts that cannot be readable. It is used to store important data that are ensured in the form of Hierarchical File system. And can easily be used to transfer the data all over the internet.

  • Developer Files – It includes source code or source file that refers to the programming project. Developer files are used by the programmers at the time of programming. User can edit it with the help of basic text editor but at this time syntax is not shown.

  • Backup Files – It enable you to get the copies of data, in order to restore the original data after data loss event.

  • Disk Files – It is a disk file system that is used to manage the data on permanent storage device. It is typically encrypted and compressed and is used to mount the virtual disk image on the operating system after opening it.

  • Game Files - It is used to store the adventure games that are especially used for Play Station games on Macintosh and Windows operating system.


  • Misc Files - It contains mailbox that are saved in user directory and “Documents and Settings”. And also used to show the progress at the time of download or has the download stopped in between.

All these files are very important applications that are used in the system. It can be used according to the necessity by the user in the operating system.

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